Cambridge China Education Forum

2021 Post-pandemic:
Change Education for the Better

July 2021
Cambridge China Education Forum (CCEF) was founded in 2018 by graduate students from the University of Cambridge, with the support of leading scholars in the Faculty of Education. We aim to facilitate cross-border dialogues on China's education and its worldwide implications among stakeholders in the UK, China and beyond. To this end, we host an annual forum and a series of workshops to bridge the gap between scholars and practitioners, and promote communication across education sectors, including academia, policy-making, industry, and other social organisations.

2020 Forum
The 2020 forum is themed ‘2020 Milestone, Promoting Equity and Diversity in Education’. We believe that equal opportunities in education facilitate civilisation, pushing societies and nations to leap forward. With the aim of discussing the fruitful progress made over the past two decades in the most concerning topics of education, the forum has covered six areas:

Equality and Education
Technology and Education
School Wellbeing and Health Education,
Dialogue Education
Language Education
Inclusive and Special Needs Education.

2020剑桥中国教育论坛以“2020 Milestone: Equity and Diversity in Education”为主题,包括教育公平、儿童福祉、教育科技、对话教育、融合与特殊教育、以及语言教育等六大分论坛,举办线上论坛。此次论坛联合了来自包括剑桥大学,牛津大学,伦敦大学学院,清华大学与北京大学等高校的专家学者以及教育领域的实践者共同对21世纪前二十年的教育历程进行了回顾,同时对下一阶段的教育发展进行展望。